Welcome to Unawi, a small Chilean clothing company, created by two friends sharing a common passion: designing / creating 100% hand made clothing and accessories.

Hand made clothing

Hand made clothing from Chile

Unawi offers four different units:

Unawi Custom

We are proud to offer full apparel customization to our customers.

You tell us your size, colours and type of apparel, and we make it up for you.

Why customization in our Chilean clothes & accessories?

Our hand made process allows us to control every step of the textile creation:

We pick up the fabric from our local providers in Chile.

We design it, cut it, sew it and then screen print in our labs.

We do it like in the good old days; your clothing is made with full quality commitment & love.

Nowadays, unfortunately, clothing industry is dominated by impersonal mass production. At Unawi in Chile, every item is unique.

Unawi Ethnic

We love to design ethnic clothing in the memory of the Chilean & pre Colombian native ethnies and cultures. We use typical ethnic designs / logos and print in casual clothes to offer a really nice blending between ancient spirit and modern clothing. We deal with several native cultures like the diaguitas, rapa nui, mapuche, quechua, ona…and still explore all the great cultural heritage from South America.

Why ethnic clothing?

We are proud and deeply attached to our roots, and dedicated to save what’s left from these great cultures, in the way we love: designing clothes

Unawi Eco

We are really keen on limiting our impact on the environment in our activities We shop local and we make local, all in our small lab in the VIth region of Chile.

Besides, we try to use more and more ecological products for fabric and screen printing inks (organic cotton, organic ink, eco friendly emulsion…)

Why ecological clothing?

Unawi logo is a tree, as a symbol of the great nature of Chile. We are really conscious about our environement and are trying hard to educate people. In the way we do clothes & accessories, we aim to be as green as possible!

Unawi Fashion

Although our style is casual, as textile designers we love fashion, and are always fond of creating original fashion clothes.

Why fashion clothing?

We would love to push up fashion clothing in Chile, as there are heaps of good textile designers out that truly lack of exposure. Somehow, Chile has to struggle to be considered as a real designer country and not only as a craft wear one.

We will be very pleased to get your feedback on our story and products. You can drop us a nice e-mail ( a bad one too ) or if you are looking for something more public, check out our facebook & twitter.

Cheers from Chile, Unawi